Plush Owls

We like owls, and we think plush owl toys are pretty neat.

Some are very realistic - all are soft and cuddly.

Aderyn Owl by Aurora

OMG! So Cute! This little puff-ball of an owl from Aurora's Luxe Boutique collection is just plain adorable.

Steiff Wittie Owl

Cute little guy with big eyes and a spotted chest. And he's made by the famous Steiff toy company.

Steiff Owl

Another cutie from Steiff. And we bet you thought they just made teddy bears!

Butterfly Meadow Owl, Jewel

Perfect for a little tyke whooo loves owls and loves pink. This little beauty is 9" tall and machine washable.

Osmond Horned Owl 6.5"

We love the ears and the yellow feet on this Horned Owl by Aurora. He's both realistic looking and cute.

Mini Barn Owl

This little barn owl finger puppet is great for story-time.

Puppet: Snowy Owl

You can make his wings flap and turn his head. An excellent way to stir up young imaginations.

Jellycat Orlando Grey Owl

This 11 inch plush grey owl has a lot of character. We think he's adorable and we bet kids will too.

Jellycat Olive Owl

Adorable! That's the first word that comes to mind when you see this little 6 inches puff-ball of an owl.